About Us

Welcome to Carrie's Corner

Carrie's Corner is a private home gathering space with a mission:  To support live music by giving music lovers (and newbies) a different, more intimate way to experience musical performances and to give up-and-coming as well as established regional touring artists  a paid performance venue to share their gifts.

We are essentially hosting a private party in a casual outdoor space located in the back yard of our home in a residential neighborhood in Marietta, GA.   We have taken great care to build into a welcoming and versatile place for musical listening parties. Attendees can choose from several seating zones and areas to enjoy the show, including 3 decks, a fire-pit and lots of yard space and cozy corners.  


While we continue to add seating options, we encourage people to bring their own camp chairs and picnic blankets and make themselves at home.We are a not-for-profit venue:

For each performance we collect suggested donations in advance, all of which go to the artists who perform.   All additional funds raised by  go toward venue operating and upkeep costs.   It is important to note that all suggested donations are non-refundable.  We are a rain-or-shine venue - meaning shows will all go on unless there is severe weather.     


In that case shows will be cancelled, but since our mission is to support live music all donations will still be given to the artists to avoid loss of income due to circumstances out of our control.                                    We are also a BYOB Venue.  


We are not for profit and operate as a private party (not a business). We  do not sell any food or beverages at the events, but encourage everyone to bring their own beverages / coolers and food as desired.  While we offer some reserved seating options we also encourage everyone to bring camp chairs, blankets and whatever else they need to be comfortable.  We are an intimate music venue:  We limit attendance to no more than 60 people per show to keep the environment comfortable and the experience enjoyable for everyone.  


*ACCESSIBILITY:  Unfortunately our home and venue space are NOT built to be wheelchair accessible.  There are stairs to get into the house where our restrooms are and the yard is sloped and mostly pinestraw, with a concrete walkway that has low-rise steps to get down to the stage area.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

*DOG POLICY:  we regret that although we have an outdoor space we cannot allow people to bring their dogs.  We have our two small dogs that think it's their party and while we know there are lots of "good boys and girls" among our attendees fur families we want to make sure we avoid inter-canine conflict and also limit liability for the safety and wellbeing of other dogs and our guests.   We understand some people might require service animals.  Given we allow our dogs to roam during parties (which is part of the fun for guests as well as for us), we strongly prefer to limit presence of other dogs.  IF, however, we have sufficient advanced notice and there is time for us to introduce your service animal to our dogs before the event, we can consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  

CHILDREN POLICY:  Please understand this is an adult-oriented venue designed as a listening space to enjoy live music in a fun and "permissive" space.  Well behaved children over the age of 10 are allowed on a case by case basis and are subject to the minimum donation for attendance like all adults.  If you would like to bring your child please note that in your reservation request.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Because we are a hosting a private event at our home, we reserve the right to refuse entry and request exit to anyone at any time, for any reason, for our own comfort and safety as well as that of our friends and guests.

FOR MUSICIANS:  We are a fully equipped music venue: featuring a covered outdoor stage with a full PA system and lighting.  Please note that we have a good amount of PA equipment but some bands may need more; we have our sound engineer work with each artist to make sure we combine efforts (and equipment) to create the ideal experience. 


*Please note that because we are not a business or official entity of any kind we are not beholden to ADA regulations.  We apologize that we are limited in this regard and regret that it means some people might not be able to enjoy our space, but we simply cannot afford the costs or effort required to comply.